• Autism Support: Free Summer Program

    Apply now for the four-week program to help students on the autism spectrum transition to college. Activities will include workshops, academic success skills training, and gaming tournaments! Click through for details.

  •  myGPS Degree Audit Tool

    Check out the myGPS Degree Audit Tool

    myGPS helps you graduate on time. It's available inside the myEFSC Portal to use yourself or through Academic Advising. Click through for more info & video tutorials.

Academic Support Services

Eastern Florida State College takes seriously its responsibility to provide Academic Support services to meet the individual needs of all students. Our departments and programs include:

  • Academic Advising, with services located in the Student Center at each campus. Advisors assist you with planning a degree program, understanding your responsibilities as a student and succeeding in your academic career at EFSC.
  • Academic Success Centers, formerly known as the Learning Labs, the ASC on each Campus offers comprehensive academic assistance and support, including tutoring, to help students succeed.
  • Accessibility Services and accommodations for student with documented disabilities that significantly impact major life functions.
  • The collegewide Career Planning & Development Center, with a location on each campus. Throughout your college experience, career planning can help you reach your goal of becoming a skilled and marketable employee.
  • A Degree Audit using the online myGPS: Graduation Plan for Success tool can be run by a student to be sure you're on track for program completion. myGPS can be accessed from inside the myEFSC portal.
  • The need for Developmental Education is based on the insights provided by placement testing and alternate ways to get students ready for college-level course work. View the placement testing FAQ for more on testing and role of developmental education.
  • Intensive Language Program, offering courses that address the needs of students whose native language is not English and who need English instruction to pursue their academic or vocational goals.
  • Guaranteed Transfer information helps prepare you for your education plans after Eastern Florida.
  • Mentor relationships between students and trained faculty and staff can be part of a Student Life Skills course such as SLS 1101 to help ease the transition into college life.
  • Meta Majors reflect eight major career pathways identified by the State of Florida that group academic programs into clusters with related courses. Advisors offer course planning by meta-major to ensure your EFSC coursework will transfer into other programs in keeping with your career plans.
  • The Military and Veterans Service Center coordinates resources and educational financial benefits for active military personnel, veterans and their families who are attending Eastern Florida State College.
  • TRiO-Student Support Services, providing academic support for first-generation college students (students whose natural or adoptive parents have not completed a bachelor's degree) and students with low taxable income.
  • Tutoring is available for free through the Academic Success Centers on each campus.
  • Vocational and Career Education Academic Support, helping vocational students meet the Basic Skills Requirements for the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).
  • Writing Centers, located on each Campus as part of the Academic Success Centers, where students receive assistance with all stages of the writing process.