Brainfuse: Replaced Smarthinking & OWL for online tutoring

The Smarthinking link in Canvas has been replaced by the new online tutoring application called Brainfuse. As of March 9, 2023 Brainfuse is also the replacement for the Online Writing Lab (OWL), plus includes lots of other academic tools described below. You can get an overview of Brainfuse through the information below and also by watching the YouTube overview video.

To get to Brainfuse, log on to Canvas, open any of your course pages, and look for Brainfuse in the left-hand link menu. Once the application opens you can choose Online Tutoring or Writing Lab if you want to upload a paper, scholarship essay, or job application. It's a very easy-to-use system just like the OWL that many of you have used in the past. Papers can be uploaded seven days a week, and turnaround time is normally within 24 hours.

If you need online tutoring when the EFSC Academic Success Center tutors are not available, such as late at night and on weekends, Brainfuse tutors can help! All currently enrolled EFSC students have 300 free minutes of access to Brainfuse online tutoring per semester.

Brainfuse can provide online help for many different courses. The hours of access are based on the type of tutoring and whether EFSC tutors are available for that topic or at that time.

  • 24/7 live Brainfuse tutoring is available in computer science, nursing, and English Language Learner (ELL) support.
  • Live Brainfuse tutoring in math, science, business, and writing is available from 4 PM to 8 AM, Monday-Thursday and 24/7 Friday through Sunday.
  • Remember that starting at 8 AM each Monday through Thursday, on-campus and online tutoring via Teams is available at all four campus Academic Success Centers and you can walk-in as available or  make ASC tutoring appointments

Brainfuse Academic Tools

In addition to tutoring, you can also enjoy unlimited access to online academic tools. Below is a brief description of the various tutoring and academic tools available in Brainfuse. Plus you can also watch the Brainfuse overview video.

Live Help:
 Select this option to receive live help in a wide range of topics. Select the general Topic area and the more specific Subject area in which you would like to receive assistance.  After selecting your Topic and Subject, you may click on the Tutoring Calendar link to see when tutors are available to provide assistance.

English Language Learner (ELL) Support: ELL students can access support for language acquisition within Live Help under General Education-ELL. ELL tutors are TESOL certified.

Writing Lab: Upload a paper, scholarship essay, or job application for review. An EFSC or Brainfuse writing tutor will review the paper based on who's available. Paper review typically has a 24 hour turnaround time. Brainfuse Writing Lab replaces the Online Writing Lab (OWL).

SkillSurfer: Access tutorials to build skills and a library of lessons, videos, standardized test preparation, including practice tests, and more. Tests include: 

    • High school entrance exams (HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT)
    • Career test prep (healthcare, civil exams, TABE, PRAXIS, and more)
    • Nursing school exams (TEAS, HESI, NCLEX-PAX)

LEAP Learning Platform: Diagnostic test center with customized study plans, lessons, and live tutoring.

FlashBulb: Create and share flashcards, tests, and games.

eParachute: Discover the college majors and careers that match your skills and interests. For more information and free help at EFSC exploring majors and careers, contact your campus Career Center.

MEET: Schedule sessions with friends in a private virtual study room.

Brainwave: Create and share movie-like notes and ideas.