Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  When is the Cocoa Academic Success Center open?

Virtual Tutoring Hours: by appointment only

On-Campus Walk-Ins Welcome: Monday - Thursday, 8 AM to 6 PM, Friday 9 AM to 1 PM

Services: Virtual Tutoring and On-Campus Tutoring (Appointments also available for on-campus tutoring to avoid wait time, but not required. Appointments required for virtual tutoring).

Question 2:  When are tutors available?

Check our Tutoring page for more information on tutoring times. Plus view the Virtual Tutoring schedule.

Question 3:  How do I schedule a make-up exam?

All online/eLearning course, make-up, and external testing for the Cocoa Campus is conducted by the Cocoa Campus Assessment Center in Building 1, Rooms 116-120, 321-433-7694.

For more information concerning scheduling exams, please visit the Testing & Proctored Exams webpage and review the Proctored Exam Scheduling Process section.

Question 4:  Can high-school students use the Math & Learning Lab?

Only registered EFSC or UCF students may use the Cocoa Academic Success Center. Please sign-in on the computer at the front of the lab. Detailed instructions are listed next to the computers.

Question 5:  Can children wait for me while I use the Academic Success Center?

Per the Student Code of Conduct, children not currently enrolled in EFSC are not allowed in the Academic Success Center. The Student Code of Conduct states: Because of potential disruptiveness to the learning environment, non-enrolled children are not permitted to visit a class in session or a lab. Children will not be permitted to remain in the common areas of college buildings without adult supervision. For more information, see the Children on Campus section of the Student Code of Conduct

Question 6:  Do you have tutors you can recommend?

We do not have a list of tutors in the community. Check with the following EFSC Academic Success Centers for additional tutors who may be available:

Palm Bay: 321-433-5251
Melbourne: 321-433-5520
Titusville: 321-433-5034

Question 7:  Can I make an appointment outside of operating hours?

No appointments are available outside the operating hours; however, as a registered EFSC student you may use the online, free tutoring resources at The log in is your Titan Sign In credentials.

If your records are marked “confidential,” you will not have a SMARTHINKING account. New students will be registered in SMARTHINKING during the second week of class. Vire more details about SmartThinking.

Question 8:  Can I check out books from the Lab?

All Cocoa Academic Success Center materials must stay within the ASC. Currently, you can check out only our solutions manuals for a short period of time, after providing a driver's license or student ID and collateral.

Question 9:  How do I take an online test at a non-EFSC site?

For more information concerning taking an online test at a non-EFSC site, please visit the Testing & Proctored Exams webpage and review the Proctored Exam Scheduling Process section.