12:45 PM, Friday Update: All EFSC Campuses will reopen Monday, Oct. 3rd and classes and events will resume that day as scheduled. Students should contact their instructors for questions about the impact on class assignments or tests during the closure for Hurricane Ian, which began on Wednesday, Sept. 28th. Updates will be shared here and via email, text and social media as needed. View our Student Services Guide for more information about the impact for on-campus and virtual student services.

Cocoa Campus Tutoring

If you need help in math, physical or biological sciences, or computer science/computer applications, we have tutors available to assist you in the Cocoa Academic Success Center (ASC), formerly known as the Cocoa Math & Learning Lab. Help with communications courses is available through the Cocoa Writing Center.

Virtual Tutoring Hours: By appointment only
On-Campus : Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 6 PM, Fridays 9 AM - 1 PM

Services: Virtual Tutoring by appointment only and On-Campus Tutoring, Walk-In or by appointment to avoid wait time. 

Hours sometimes differ; please contact the Cocoa ASC prior to visiting to confirm specific times.

For on-campus tutoring, appointments are not necessary; our tutors assist students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Workshops: To supplement the classroom experience, the Center may host a variety of workshops during each term on the subjects of math, science and business per request. To request a topic from the list below or a customized workshop, speak to a tutor for additional details.


Math Workshops/Speak to a Math Tutor

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

  • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying
    and Dividing of Fractions
  • Mixed Numbers
  • Converting Fractions to Decimals
  • Converting Decimals to Fractions
  • Percents and Word Problems Involving Percents

Quadratic Equations

  • Solving Quadratic Equations
  • Graphing
  • Quadratic Formula
  • Word problems involving Quadratic Equations


  • Left and right hand limits
  • Properties of limits
  • Methods of finding limits
  • Continuity


  • Simple Factoring
  • AC Method
  • Completing the Square
  • Quadratic Formula

Functions and Their Graphs

  • Graphing Lines
  • Domains and Ranges
  • Forms of Linear Equations: Slope-Intercept Form,
  • Point-Slope Form, Standard Form
  • Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
  • Parabolas and their Vertices and Intercepts
  • Translations of Graphs

Rational Functions

  • Graphing
  • Horizontal, Vertical, and Oblique(Slant) Asymptotes
  • Intercepts
  • Domains and Ranges

Exponents and Radicals

  • Working with square roots and other radicals
  • Working with exponents
  • Simplifying expressions with exponents and/or radicals
  • Solving equations with exponents and/or radicals


  • Solving inequalities
  • Writing solutions in interval format
  • Solving absolute value inequalities
  • Graphing inequalities
  • Graphing systems of inequalities


  • Definition of Derivative
  • Power Rule
  • Product and Quotient Rule
  • Chain Rule

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

  • Exponential and logarithmic form
  • Converting between exponential form and
    logarithmic form and vice versa
  • Rules of Exponentials and Logarithms
  • Solving Equations
  • Graphing

Trigonometry Part 1

  • Radians and Degrees
  • Right Triangle Trigonometry
  • The Unit Circle
  • Trig Functions of Any Angle


  • Area and Estimating With Finite Sums
  • Sigma Notation and Limits of Finite Sums
  • The Definite Integral

Law of Sines and Cosines

  • Law of Sines
  • Law of Cosines

Trig Identities

  • Fundamental Trig Identities
  • Verifying Trig Identities
  • Solving Trig Equations
  • Sum and Difference Formulas
  • Multiple Angle and Product-to-Sum Formulas

Applications of Derivatives

  • Extreme Values of Functions
  • The Mean Value Theorem
  • First Derivative Test
  • Concavity and Curve Sketching
  • Optimization Problems
  • Newton's Method


Science Workshops/Speak to a Science Tutor

Periodic Properties of the Elements

  • The Periodic Table
  • Atomic Size
  • Ionization Energies
  • Electron Affinity
  • Electronegativity
  • Reactivity

Quantum Chemistry

  • Radiation
  • Energy Levels
  • Wave-Particle Duality
  • Atomic Orbitals
  • Electron Configuration


  • Lewis Dot Structures
  • Ionic Bonding
  • Covalent Bonding
  • VSEPR Model
  • Hybridization

Cellular Respiration

  • Energy
  • Enzymes
  • Glycolysis
  • Pyruvate Oxidation
  • Krebs Cycle
  • Chemiosmosis


  • Pigments
  • Light Dependant Reactions
  • The Calvin Cycle
  • Photorespiration

Cocoa Academic Success Center
1519 Clearlake Rd
EFSC-USC Joint Use Library, 3rd Floor
Building 12, Room 302
Cocoa, FL 32922


Other Tutoring Resources


APA Writing Workshops
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ASC Tutoring Videos
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Online Writing Lab (OWL)
EFSC writing tutors review submitted papers, scholarship essays & job applications Monday through Thursday until 3 PM. Anything submitted after 3 PM Thursday is reviewed the following Monday. Turn-around time is usually 24 hours or less. In addition to the OWL, visit a Campus Writing Center for in-person assistance.

Limited third party-tutoring is offered online live, by appointment, or through submissions for math, science, Spanish, nursing, reading & writing subjects. Tutors available 24/7 for EFSC students through Canvas or Log-in using your Titan Single Sign-On Credentials (Updated January 2022). Current students only have limited Smarthinking hours but it is a great resource when you really need a little extra help. Learn more about Smarthinking, including resources for native Spanish speakers.