Providing students with the resources they need

At the Titusville Academic Success Center (ASC), formerly known as the Learning Lab, tutors positively influence the lives of Eastern Florida students, imparting skills and self-confidence that lead to success academically and in life. Learn more about students who've taken advantage of the many resources available through the ASC. 

Cole NewmanCole Newman

"The Learning Lab is one of the greatest things Eastern Florida has to offer for extra help with my classes and my studies. The tutors are great and really help me to understand the material I am studying, whether it is Math, English or Science. Everybody in the Learning Lab is always happy to help anyone who walks in. Even if you do not have an appointment set up with the tutors, the staff will step up to give you a hand. The Learning Lab is a great place to come and study in a friendly environment, with friendly people always there and ready to help."

Marquece McIntoshMarquece McIntosh

"I started out taking regular college classes because I was having issues getting into the HVAC program due to grades. I failed three different times and almost gave up. I thought for sure I wasn’t going to make it, but Missy, Beverly and Jessica in the Titusville Learning Lab all motivated me to keep striving for greatness. I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done. Once I got into the program, I made straight As the whole time I was enrolled. I’ve learned there is nothing I can’t do as long as my mind is set and I want to succeed. I graduated from Eastern Florida's HVAC program in 2016. So much has changed since I became a student, and it’s safe to say that EFSC has helped shape me into the man I am today. I want to thank the EFSC Titusville Learning Lab and everyone who helped me be successful.  I wouldn’t change anything, even the difficult times, because as long as you strive for greatness there is nothing that can stop you — except you."

Connie BarnhartConnie Barnhart

"I have been coming to the Learning Lab in Titusville since day one. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business. In the past, while working on my Associate’s degree, I had counted heavily on support from the tutors in the Titusville Learning Lab, such as Kendra Kryzwicki. I approached Kendra at the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester and asked her if she would think about helping me with Managerial Accounting, even though that was beyond the scope of her job description. I am now passing a course that I could not have passed without her, and she has extended her expertise to several other students in the program."

Nancy SchrandtNancy Schrandt

"I began in Developmental Reading and Writing, and with the help of Learning Lab tutor and instructor Robert Allen, gained invaluable writing tools that ensured my success in completing Composition I. Without Learning Lab tutor Jessica, known as my 'Hemingway,' I would not have successfully completed my upper level writing classes. I am currently enrolled in Composition II. Due to tireless and selfless support from the Learning Lab tutors, I have surpassed my expectations and gained a high self-esteem and self-confidence in my writing abilities. I also enrolled in Developmental Math I and II, and with assistance from knowledgeable Learning Lab tutors like Jeff and Kendra, feel that I have obtained skills that will ensure my success in college-level math classes as well."