How to use the TutorTrac System:

Making an appointment with the Academic Success Center or Writing Center Tutors

EFSC tutors are available for online or in-person tutoring. Online tutoring via Microsoft Teams is available by appointment only. On-campus tutoring can be by appointment or on a walk-in basis (Face-to-face appointment availability varies by campus and by course. Drop-ins are welcome for on-campus tutoring, but appointments when available, may help minimize wait time). Social distancing is in place during the on-campus appointment sessions. Please follow the steps below to make an in-person or online appointment. If you are making a virtual appointment, view details on how to access the online tutoring session via MS Teams.

Appointments need to be made at least 12 hours in advance. You may only make one scheduled appointment per course, per day. If you're planning ahead, you can make an appointment up to three weeks ahead of time.

  1. Click to go to the TutorTrac website
  2. Log-in with your B# and password.
    Titan Log-In

  3. Click “Search Availability” on the left-hand side of the screen.
    Search Availability

  4. Click the “Center” dropdown arrow to choose your center. (See the screenshot of the choices in the dropdown box that corresponds to the directions below).
    Choose Your Center Dropdown
    For Online Appointments:
    Choose “Online Tutoring” for Math, Science, Business, and Computers.
    Choose “Online Writing Tutoring” for writing, speech, and papers or writing assignments for other classes.

    For Face-to-face Appointments:
    Please make sure to choose the Campus you want.
    Choose whether you want to make an appointment with the Academic Success Center (ASC), or the Writing Center (WC). 

    ASC Tutoring Sessions are for Math, Science, Business, and Computers.
    WC Tutoring Sessions are for writing, speech, and papers or writing assignments for other classes.

  5. Under “Consultant,” you can choose a tutor or leave it blank to search all available tutors. Under “Section,” choose your course number and section. Under “Reason,” choose online or face-to-face tutoring. Choosing dates, times or days is optional. When you are done making all of your selections, click “Search.”
    Choose Tutor, Section
  6. A screen with the available time slots for tutoring will appear. You will notice there are three different colors for appointments. Blues are “drop-ins.” You cannot make an appointment for blue times; you can simply log into Microsoft Teams and request tutoring. The next available tutor will help you. Greens are available individual appointment times. Yellows are available group appointment times where you may be scheduled with other students during that time. Tutors' schedules appear in alphabetical order. Be sure to scroll through available times and dates to see all available options. Click on the appointment time you would like.
    Online Writing Tutoring

  7. The following screen will appear with optional fields. If you would like, you may add your subject, phone number or any notes. If you would like to receive text reminders for your appointment, please click on “Yes” in the box at the bottom of the screen. You may need to scroll down to see the text reminders box. Be sure to click the SAVE button to make the appointment.
    Online Writing Tutoring

  8. Next, you will want to return to the “Main Menu.”
    Return to Main Menu

  9. Your upcoming appointments will be shown.
    Upcoming Appointments

  10. If your appointment is virtual, on your appointment day and time, use the Teams How-To page to find instructions on how to join Microsoft Teams to meet with your tutor. You will want to choose the subject that your tutoring appointment is for.

  11. If you need to cancel your tutoring appointment, click to log back in to TutorTrac with your EFSC B# and password. Once you are on the “Main Menu,” click on the “x” underneath “Upcoming Appointments.”
    Cancel Appointment

  12. You may explain the reason for the cancellation if you would like. Click “Confirm Cancellation.” An email will be sent to your EFSC email confirming your cancellation.
    Cancellation Reason
We look forward to seeing you at the Academic Success Center!