Mentors & Student Life Skills at EFSC

Mentors and learning communities can address the perceived hurdles a student faces during college, helping to increase student awareness of the resources available at EFSC.

The mentoring program includes trained faculty and staff who meet with students to help them learn about college resources and procedures, the requirements of graduation and transfers and career planning.

A mentor relationship can be part of Eastern Florida's Student Life Skills courses, such as SLS 1101 -  Success Strategies for College and Life, a three-credit course which helps students be successful in college.  Courses with the SLS prefix are offered throughout the year on each EFSC Campus plus completely online or in a hybrid format. If you have questions, talk with your advisor about the benefits of adding an SLS course to your schedule or email one of the campus coordinators listed in the contact box on this page.

Mentors are valuable advocates who know how college works. They have experience with the challenges students face and the solutions needed to be successful. The benefits of having a mentor are many:

  • Meaningful interactions with a faculty or staff member
  • A sounding board for personal challenges, goals and dreams
  • Guidance for navigating the ups-and-downs of college life
  • Familiarity with campus resources
  • Development of short- and long-term goals
  • Help in determining academic and career interests

Have Questions?

Contact the Student Life Skills (SLS) Coordinator for your Campus:

Cocoa: Monica Hixson

Melbourne: Maria Parnell

Palm Bay: Andrew Forbes

Titusville: Bradley Marovich