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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to common questions below and if you have any further questions regarding the TABE Basic Skills Exit Requirements, talk with your specific program's advisor.

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Question 1:  Does a student have to take the TABE?

State Board Rule 6A-10.040, FAC states the following: "Students who are enrolled in a postsecondary vocational certificate program shall complete a basic skills examination within the first six (6) weeks after admission into the program." EFSC uses the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) to meet this state requirement for programs over 450 clock hours, excluding Law Enforcement.

Question 2:  What is on the TABE?

The TABE has 4 subtests: READING (50 questions, 50 minutes) which includes interpreting graphics, vocabulary, recalling information, understanding the text, evaluating the meaning of the text; MATH COMPUTATION (40 questions, 24 minutes -- you may not use a calculator) which includes decimals, fractions, integers (positive and negative numbers), percents, algebraic operations; MATH APPLICATIONS (50 questions, 50 minutes -- you may use a calculator) which includes numeration, number theory, data interpretation, pre-algebra/algebra, measurement, geometry, word problems, estimation; and LANGUAGE (55 questions, 55 minutes) which includes usage (parts of speech), sentence formation, paragraph development, capitalization, and punctuation.

Question 3:  How long is the TABE?

The initial TABE taken in the Testing Office is taken on the computer and may last up to 3 1/2 hours. TABE retests may be taken either on the computer or by using a paper test along with an answer sheet; the time will vary according to which subjects are being retested.

Question 4:  How can a student prepare and/or review for the TABE?

Check out our list of Resources! EFSC strongly recommends students review and prepare for the TABE. Students are welcome to come to a campus Academic Success Center prior to testing to take a practice test and prepare for the TABE. In addition, each campus Library should have a copy of review materials, including practice tests, available for students to borrow; campus bookstores may also have copies of the review materials for sale.

Question 5:  How does a student register for the initial TABE?

TABE testing is done by appointment only at the EFSC Assessment Centers. Learn how to register for the TABE.

Question 6:  What should a student bring to the test?

All test administrations require photo identification (driver's license, passport, military ID, or state-issued photograph ID). A four-function calculator is allowed during one of the two TABE math subtests (Applied Math) and will be provided for you. Scratch paper and pencils are available at each test center.

Question 7:  Can the test be retaken if the student does poorly?

Students who do not achieve the TABE cutoff scores for their program requirements will not be denied access to vocational classes. These students will enter into 90 days of remediation with various options to best meet the needs of the student. Students who need remediation will be directed to the campus Academic Success Center for consultation on how best to focus on academic skill development that may be needed in order to be successful in their chosen career.

Question 8:  How often can a student take the TABE?

There must be a wait time of at LEAST 3 months between test dates in which time the student should be actively focusing on skill development. Students must complete the TABE Retest Petition Form documenting method and approximate time of remediation effort. Students who still fail to meet the minimum basic skills levels after the first retest attempt should meet with an Academic Support staff member to reassess their personal remediation strategy.  If the second retest attempt is requested earlier than the next 90 day interval, a TABE Review Post-Test will be administered prior to retesting to ensure readiness to test and be successful at meeting the state-required scores. Students must score a minimum of 85% on the Practice test before the formal retest appointment will be scheduled. The test publisher requires specific time intervals between TABE test form administrations. It is critical that the student dedicate sufficient effort to improve academic skills, as the time constraints of Test form usage cannot be waived.

Question 9:  Can a student be exempted from taking the TABE?

TABE testing may be waived under any of the following situations:

  • Student has earned a college degree, AAS or higher from a nationally accredited college or foreign university.
  • Student transferred (or took courses at EFSC) college level English and math (Intermediate Algebra or higher) credit with a ā€œCā€ or higher from a U.S. regionally accredited college.
  • Students are exempt from placement testing under 6A-10.0315.
  • Student entered 9th grade in a Florida public school in the 2003-2004 school year or later AND graduated from a Florida public high school with a standard high school diploma, or
  • Student serves as an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Services
  • Student successfully passed developmental education in a subject area
  • Student has passing placement scores (CPT/FELPT, SAT or ACT) which are less than 2 years old and maintains continuous enrollment in the program until completion.
  • After initially testing before the 6th week of enrollment, student has successfully completed one of the program specific approved licensure exams (see Licensure Exemption Chart) within six months of completion of all program coursework. 

Exemption form must be completed by a Testing Specialist.

Question 10:  How can a student get test results?

Students will be provided a personal copy of their TABE test results at the conclusion of TABE Online testing. An additional copy of scores may be provided to students upon request with a valid photo ID to the Testing Office. Should the test scores not be available at the conclusion of testing, the student may provide a self-addressed stamped envelope to the test administrator who will send the score report via postal mail when it is available. The College will not release scores over the phone or via e-mail. Profile sheets should be presented in the initial contact with academic support staff.

Question 11:  How many hours of review is needed before retesting?

Because each student is unique in his or her learning styles and abilities, a set number of hours is an unrealistic concept for the time of review. In general, the amount of time necessary for review depends on the ability of the student, the time commitment and effort from the student. The test publisher suggests a 90 day interval for subject review or 30-59 hours of focused study. It is important that the review effort be successful, as the time interval between the use of the same test form (9 or 10) administration is six months.

Question 12:  What is the minimum score needed?

Minimum basic skill levels in math, language and reading are defined in each vocational program description and listed in the chart on the TABE testing page.

NOTE: Students enrolled in programs of 450 hours or more that require a state, national, or industry licensure exam for employment must be initially tested (unless one of the approved exemptions is met). If upon program completion, the student documents passage of the licensure exam within six months of program completion, the basic skills exit requirement is waived.  

Question 13:  What accommodations are available for students with disabilities?

If you have a Learning Disability or require a testing accommodation, you must be registered with the Student Access for Improved Learning (SAIL) office at EFSC in order to receive your accommodations. Please contact the SAIL office near you to confirm that you are registered, to determine your accommodations, if any, and to schedule your initial TABE. The SAIL team can provide testing staff with a memo outlining approved accommodations. When test centers cannot provide approved accommodations, testing may be administered in the SAIL office.