Cosmetology Program Estimated Costs

This certificate program includes 1,200 clock hours and costs approximately $6,700 for a Florida resident. Tuition costs $2.56 per clock hour for Florida residents. Non-resident tuition is $10.25 per clock hour. The table below is based on a Florida resident; students with out-of-state residency should adjust the tuition rate with all other expenses the same.

Updated July 1, 2022

Estimated Itemized Expenses*

(1,200 Clock Hours)

Florida Resident @ $2.56/clock hour


Lab Fees

The cost of Cosmetology kits and supplies needed for each of the five courses in the curriculum are included in each course's cost as an added Course Lab Fee, which is eligible for financial aid. The course fees also include the annual fee for the required student liability and accident insurance.
Cosmetology I - $1,413.40
Cosmetology II - $356.90
Cosmetology III - $596.90
Cosmetology IV - $486.90
Cosmetology V -  $196.90



Internet Fee/Student Access Fee

Per student, each term





Graduation Fee

Due during graduating semester


Student Parking Fee

Annual/includes sales tax


Hepatitis Vaccinations

Amount to be determined by personal physician; paid directly by student at time of vaccination


Scrub Pants & Athletic Shoes

 Student provides so cost depends on student's purchase


 *All costs are approximate and subject to change.