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Internship Information

Internship courses are required for the Office Administration AS degree. Be prepared! Completion of most major courses are recommended before an internship can be approved.

Internship Process

Take the lead and succeed with a career in Office Administration

EFSC's Office Administration program is designed to prepare graduates for positions as legal office assistants, administrative assistants, accounting clerks and office managers. The associate degree program offers three specializations that share core courses, with students choosing from the general administrative, legal office or medical office tracks.

The program's core office administration courses are completely online, offering flexibility for students to complete assignments within the timeframe spelled out in the syllabus. Certificate programs can be taken alone to focus on specific skills, and those certificates can also be used to build toward the Office Administration Associate in Science degree, which can also transfer to a bachelor's degree program.

Explore choices in the accordion below and apply through EFSC's open admissions process. Contact the program advisor with any questions as you plan.

Office Administration Pathways

Did You Know?

  • The Office Administration program is an e-Learning/online program that offers the AS degree as well as four college credit certificates.
  • The degree offers three specializations, a general administrative track; a legal office track; and a medical office tracks. A.S. degree students are required to choose one of the tracks as their specialization, with all tracks sharing core courses that provide a strong office administration foundation.
  • This is not a limited access programs. No instructor signature is required to register for the OST courses except for the internship course.
  • All OST classes take place through Eastern Florida Online so there are no set class times offering maxiumum flexibility

Office Administration Associate in Science Degree (OFAS)

EFSC college catalog requirements for the A.S. degree

A.S. program students must choose from three specializations: Administrative, Legal Office, or Medical Office.

College Credit Certificates are also embedded in this A.S. degree program. 

The Office Administration A.S. degree courses are completed fully online for all three specializations. However, the Internship course will require direct supervision by the internship host site.

 Archived College Catalogs

College Credit Certificates

The College Catalog includes the following College Credit Certificates that can be taken as part of the Office Administration A.S. degree program or as stand-alone certificate programs:
Office Specialist CCC / General (18 credit hours)

Medical Office Management CCC (34 credit hours)

Office Management CCC (27 credit hours)

Office Support CCC (12 credit hours)

College Credit Certificates include the following benefits:

Internship Course Information

An Office Administration Internship course is required for the AS degree.

Be prepared! Completion of most major courses is required prior to enrolling in an Internship course.

Internships are coordinated by the Career Planning & Development Center.

Credit for High School Courses

If you recently completed or are enrolled in an Academy of Finance, Accounting 1 and 2, or Computing for College and Careers course through Brevard Public Schools you may be eligible to receive credit towards your certificate or degree in Office Administration.

Save time and money!

Take a closer look before you register for courses.

Microsoft Office Systems (MOS) Industry Certification

You may be eligible for free college credit.

If you have earned an industry certification in Microsoft Office Systems you may be eligible to receive college credit toward the Office Administration degree program! 
Credit for MOS Industry Certification

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Industry Certifications

Certifications bolster resumes, encourage higher salaries and may assist in job retention. EFSC offers the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification test.

Students who have a current MOS certification (bundle) and passed at least three of the five tests may be eligible to receive free college credit. View the links below to find out more.