How to Apply for the EFSC Welding Technology Program

Annual Program Start: Fall Term (August)
Annual Application Deadline: June 10th (You can and should request the program Information Packet as early as possible using the information in the first section of the accordion below. Applications received after each year's deadline will be considered an application for the following year's Fall Term cohort).

A special application process is required for Eastern Florida State College's Welding Technology program in addition to the standard college application for general admission. The program's selection process will be based upon an admission criteria point system. Applicants with the highest total number of points based on the information contained in their application file will be finalists for the program.

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Step 1:  Check Deadlines, Request & Review Information Packet & Work with Advisor

Annual Application Deadline
  • June 10th - for Fall Term Start: You should request the information packet and proceed with applying as space is limited.

Request the Welding Services Information Packet: This will open an email to the program advisor. Please include your name, phone number and email in the note you send, along with any initial questions.

Because this is a limited access program with many variables and a special application requirement it's important for prospective students to receive advising. You can request an appointment in the same email request for the Information packet or call or email to set up an appointment. Please note that an appointment is not necessary to apply for the program unless you require additional information about the program.

Contact Information:
Sherry Van Winkle, Advisor

Step 2:  Apply for General Admission to Eastern Florida State College

Complete and properly submit the application for general admission to Eastern Florida State College. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee for admission that must be submitted at the time of application to the college. This application is available online. Complete all general admissions requirements with the main EFSC Admissions office.

Please note that application processing can take up to 14 days due to the current volume of applications. Check your email frequently for your acceptance letter.

NOTE: This step pertains ONLY to those students who are not currently enrolled with the college. If you’re a returning/readmit student who applied to EFSC one or more years ago and have not completed a course in the past year, you must re-apply and can do so online and will not be charged the general EFSC application fee.

Step 3:  New & Existing EFSC Students: Complete General Admissions Requirements & Check for Registration Holds

If you are a new EFSC student, your general admissions acceptance letter and email will list admissions requirements that you must complete to avoid holds that would prevent you from registering for courses if accepted into the welding program. You can also review how to complete these general requirements on EFSC's accepted students' page.

If you are an existing EFSC student, you need to verify that you do not have any holds that would prevent course registration if you are accepted into the program. Visit the Registration Holds webpage for details on how to check your EFSC Message Center for holds and how to clear them.

Step 4:  Testing Requirements

The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is a program requirement unless the student is exempt.

Visit TABE Testing web page for more information on the exam and the qualified exemptions.

Step 5:  Complete the Welding Technology Program Online Application

After you have received your general EFSC Admissions Acceptance letter or if you are a current EFSC student, complete the online Career & Technical/Trades ApplicationYour general admissions acceptance letter will include your Student ID number and password required to access your myEFSC account so you can log in and submit the limited access Career Tech application. The limited access application is in addition to the general application and MUST be properly submitted by the application deadline.

If you need assistance with the online application or cannot register online, contact the program advisor to make other arrangements.