EFSC classes normally held in Building 20 on the Cocoa Campus are canceled tonight because of an A/C issue. This only impacts classes held in this one Cocoa Health Sciences building, home to EFSC's dental programs.

General ATC Information

Advanced Technical Certificates (A.T.C.) are designed for students who have already received an associate in science or an associate in applied science degree and are seeking an advanced, specialized program of instruction in a particular career field to supplement their degree. Eastern Florida State College offers Advanced Technical Certificates in a few limited career areas in which advanced training beyond the associate degree level is needed.

ATC Programs

Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Sonography ATC

Network Security Forensics ATC

Vascular Sonography ATC

Veterinary Practice Management ATC

Admissions Requirements

All A.T.C. programs at EFSC require at least an Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science degree. Some ATCs require a separate admissions application to be submitted so check each ATC program page for specifics.

Advanced Technical Certificate Graduation Requirements

In order to be awarded an advanced technical certificate, students must meet the following requirements:

1. Have earned an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science from a regionally accredited college.

2. Filed an ‘Intent to Graduate’ Application and paid the graduation fee by the published deadline. Satisfactorily completed all courses within the program.

3. Complete at least 25% of the program credit hours through coursework at Eastern Florida State College.

4. Completed all coursework with a final grade. Students with a grade of “Incomplete” will not be processed for graduation until a final grade is posted. For graduation in the term of application, the final grade must be posted within the first three weeks of the following term. If the final grade is not posted within the first three weeks of the following term, student must reapply and repay. Student may request to have the “I” converted to
a permanent ‘F’ if the course is not required for the credits to graduate.

5. Achieved a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher in the courses that comprise the program.

6. Submitted all outstanding transcripts and removed all financial obligations to the college. Final transcript and diploma will not be released until student has removed all financial obligations to the college.

Governing Catalog

For students pursuing an A.T.C. the governing catalog is the catalog in effect when they are accepted into the program, providing the student maintains continuous enrollment.

• Continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment in at least one credit course in both the fall and spring term each academic year.

• The governing catalog is valid for five academic years. The governing catalog for students whose catalog has expired will be the one in effect in the next term of enrollment.

• A student may officially declare any subsequent catalog as his/her governing catalog and follow its requirements providing he/she has continuous enrollment and the catalog is not more than 5 years old.

• If a student changes his/her degree or certificate program, he/she is required to choose from the current program offerings and follow the graduation requirements of the current catalog.

• If a student has a break in enrollment, he/she must follow the catalog in effect at the time he/she re-enrolls in credit courses.

Financial Aid

Check the EFSC Programs and Admissions Requirements in the EFSC Catalog and also the Financial Aid & Scholarships section of the website for information about program eligibility for financial aid.