Dental Hygiene Point System

Selection into the Dental Hygiene program is guided by a point system. The applicant is responsible for providing all the documentation necessary to support their application. However, the final selection decisions will be made by the Selection Committee based on the criteria listed below.

Selection Criteria

The Dental Hygiene program uses a Points and Ranking System (Maximum 50 points). 

  • Rank by Cumulative GPA (2.5 minimum, no points awarded)

  • Points for Science Courses (Max 20 pts) The following courses will be awarded points, according to the grade earned: Microbiology, General Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology I and Human Anatomy & Physiology II. 
    Points Awarded: A=5 points, B=3 points, C=1 point. (Courses must be taken within 10 years of the application deadline to count for points.) 
  • Points for TEAS (Max 15 pts). Applicants should earn a minimum of 58% on the overall score to be considered. The TEAS test can only be taken once per year, and the scores are good for two years.  Points towards admissions will be awarded as follows:  

   91-100%  = 15 pts
    86-90%   = 13 pts
    81-85%   = 11 pts
    76-80%   =  9 pts
    71-75%   =  7 pts
    66-70%   =  5 pts
    60-65%   =  3 pts

  • Points for graduation from a Healthcare program/Prior degree (Maximum 5 points)
    Verification is required. The applicant must submit documentation of degree(s) earned or the Work Experience form in order to receive points for work experience. The amount of points awarded will be determined by the committee's review of the type of program completed, and/or work experience documented.

  • Points for experience in a dental office (Maximum 5 points)
    Verification is required. The applicant must submit the designated form for Dental Experience. The amount of points awarded will be determined by the committee's review of the dental experience documented.

  • Points for successful completion of all parts of the Dental Assisting National Board exam. (2 points)
    This exam is only applicable to graduates of a Dental Assisting program.

  • Points for completion of Expanded Functions Certificate (1 point - actual certificate required for point)

  • Points for taking Human Nutrition (HUN 1201) and Introduction to Health Care (HSCC 1000) with a C or higher (1 point each).

  • Advisement Session (MANDATORY, no points awarded)
    Applicants are required to meet with a Health Science Advisor after general admission to the college, or early in the application process. Meeting with a Health Science Advisor, prior to the application deadline is mandatory; failure to meet with a Health Science Advisor could prevent a student from being accepted. Proper documentation is required – a signed advisement card. The card is valid for 1 year after the issue date and must be turned into Health Science Admissions with the rest of the application materials.  No copies will be accepted.

  • Observation of a Dental Hygenist (MANDATORY, no points awarded)
    Applicants must observe a Dental Hygenist for at least 25 hours prior to the application deadline.  Students should submit the observation form as proof of hours completed.

  • Twelve finalists, two alternates, and two stand-bys will be selected for the program's start in May.