EFSC Medical Laboratory Technology Program Point System

The Selection Committee is guided by a point system in making its decision, but the final selection is up to the committee members. Please bring in your application materials to the Cocoa Campus, Building 11, Room 212 or email your documents to healthscience@easternflorida.edu before the application deadline.

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Grade Point Average

Students applying to the Medical Laboratory Technology program need to have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher.  No points will be awarded for GPA.

General Education Courses

All five of the General Education Courses must be completed by the application deadline. Students who have completed Composition 1, General Biology, College Algebra, Humanities Core, and a Civic Literacy/Social/Behavioral Science course with a "C" or better by the application deadline will be awarded 25 points.

Support / Prerequisite Courses

Students will receive points for the grades earned in the Support / Prerequisite courses listed below.  An "A" is worth 5 points. A "B" is worth 3 points. A "C" is worth 1 point. Courses must have been taken within the 10 years prior to applying to count for points.

  • General Biology 1 with lab 
  • General Chemistrywith lab 
  • General Chemistry 2 with lab 
  • Introduction to Biotechnology Methods with lab
  • Speech

    Note:  The above science courses must be completed before the June 1 or November 1 application deadline.

Military Service

Students who have served in the Military for at least two years will be awarded 5 bonus points. Proof of service is required.

Letters of Recommendation

Submitting two letters of recommendation will result in 5 bonus points.


A one-page, typed essay on the topic of "Why is Medical Laboratory Technology My Career Choice?" will earn the applicant 5 bonus points.

Health Science Advising

Meeting with a Health Science Advisor before the application deadline to discuss points, program eligibility, and application packet requirements will result in 5 points.

Open House

Applicants should attend a Medical Laboratory Technology Open House prior to the application deadline. Information about current Open House sessions is available in the tabbed box on the program's home page. Students should bring a copy of their transcripts to the Open House.

Post-Acceptance Requirements

Students accepted into the Medical Laboratory Technology program will be required to have a background check and drug screening.  Applicants must be drug free and free of offenses that would disqualify them from the student clinical experience in a health care setting.

The background check will include Residence History, Nationwide Sexual Offenders Registry search and Florida Statewide Criminal Records search. The cost of the background check and drug screening is the responsibility of the student. The program coordinator will provide the necessary paperwork to begin the process, once the student has been accepted into the program.

Equal Access Policy

Eastern Florida State College is dedicated to providing a nondiscriminatory environment which promotes equal access, equal educational opportunity, and equal employment opportunity to all persons regardless of age, race, national origin, color, ethnicity, genetic information, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, marital status, veteran status, ancestry, or political affiliation in its programs, activities, or employment.

EFSC recognizes the rights of students and applicants with disabilities, including those with hepatitis B, under the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.