Phlebotomy Summer 2023 Orientation Information

Completing orientation is required prior to acceptance into Eastern Florida State College's Phlebotomy program. Applicants for the Summer Term 2023 program on the Cocoa Campus (a change in the location instead of Palm Bay as originally planned) should complete the orientation process available via video below, and submit the required orientation written interview and certificate PDFs described below by the revised April 1st application deadline. View the appication procedure for additional items that must be done by the April 1st deadline.

Summer 2023 Alternate Video & Form-Based Phlebotomy Orientation

Please read ALL the instructions below before proceeding and to receive "credit" for the orientation. Please be sure you are viewing the orientation video and using the PDFs for the upcoming program. Documents must be emailed to the program manager whose email address is

NOTE: You MUST use your EFSC Titan email address for all official school communications. Documents will not be  accepted if they are sent from your personal email address. See the notes at the bottom of this page for a how-to video plus important tips on downloading, filling out and saving the writable PDF documents.

  1. Orientation Video:  Click here to watch the YouTube video version of the Summer 2023 Phlebotomy Orientation. NOTE: The video Orientation mentions a link to another YouTube video that outlines what it's like to be a phlebotomist and recommends you watch the second video's first 5:15. Click here to view the "What It's Like" video.
  2. Download and complete the following form stating you have completed viewing the Summer Orientation Video: Online Orientation Attestation Certificate
  3. A written interview via a questionnaire is used as a part of the selection process. Click here for a write-able PDF version of the Summer 2023 interview.
  4. Once you have completed all these steps, please save your documents to your computer (be sure to review important notes on this process below) and then email them as attachments to no later than the April 1, 2023 application deadline for the Summer 2023 Term. Be sure to follow professional email etiquette rules (include a subject, a greeting, a closing and your name).

Please note the following:

  • Click to watch a how-to video that explains the information about forms below.
  • Please save your documents with a file name that includes your first AND last name.
  • In order to save your information into the PDF forms you must follow these instructions:
      • Save the document to your computer. When you click the links above, it will automatically open the link in a new browser window. Simply click the download button and save it anywhere you like on your computer.
      • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat or the PDF reader of your choice (not the browser). If you try to type your information into the form while it is open in your internet browser, it will NOT save your information. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free if needed:
      • Once you open the file in Acrobat or your computer's PDF reader, type your info, then hit “Save As” and RENAME the file with your name in the filename. Then, open your email and send it the program manager at as an attachment.
          • Do NOT share the files with the program manager via OneDrive or any other cloud service as it can’t be opened. They MUST be sent as an email attachment.