Vascular Sonography Estimated Expenses

Tuition per credit hour x 10 credit hours
($1,285.10 In-State Tuition/Upper-Level Course Rate)
Refer to Catalog or Tuition & Fees for current tuition rates
Lab Fees
Books (approximate)
Uniforms (approximate) *Eggplant in color
$20-60 per pair
Background Check, Fingerprinting and Drug Testing 
Hepatitis Vaccination & Titer (if applicable)
Miscellaneous expenses (This could include a physical,  CPR, AIDS certificate and some miscellaneous extras needed for the program)
Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) Student Membership
Student Access Fee 
Parking Permit
Health Sciences Application Fee
Graduation Fee
Total Approximate Cost (based on in-state tuition)