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Secure Sign in for Titan Applications & Password Management

The EFSC IT team uses a single sign-on log in experience for the College’s online applications, such as the myEFSC Portal. Students, faculty, and staff log in through Titan Sign In using their EFSC email address. The enhanced Titan Sign In portal makes it easier for students, faculty and staff to reset and recover their password, plus add popular login security features like two-factor authentication via text or email. If you are trying to retrieve a forgotten student or employee B# identification, or a forgotten email address, visit the Email and ID Number Lookup page

The Titan Sign In system's features and benefits include:
  • The ability to log in using your College email address.
  • Provides the ability to easily manage and reset your password either before or after it has expired without the aid of the EFSC IT Support Desk Staff after sufficiently proving your identity via Challenge Question answers.
  • It can send a One Time Password (OTP) via your mobile device or alternate email address (a non-college email account), depending on the settings that you have configured.
  • An Account Management Dashboard allows you to view your last login date and password expiration date; update your Challenge Questions, alternate email and mobile phone number; plus allows you to enable or disable Two-Factor Authentication if you choose to add this extra security layer to your login process.

Learn more through the Frequently Asked Questions below, which include screen shots for common features.

Click a question to see the answer.

Question 1:  Challenge Questions: Why do I have to set these up before I can use the "forgot password" and "password reset" features and how do I set up my questions?

Challenge Questions are a way for the EFSC Password Management System to verify your identity. When your password expires or you have forgotten it, you can use your Challenge Questions to reset your password without the aid of the EFSC IT Support Desk Staff.

While many features in the Titan Sign In system are optional, you are required to set up four Challenge Questions that you must then answer correctly to be able to change your password or trigger the forgot password process. You must know your current password to set up your answers, so do it now before you need to use this convenient self-service password reset and recovery feature.

Visit the Titan Sign In system, enter your EFSC Email Address and current password, click the Login button, and you will see this Enrollment box that requires you to enter your Email Address and Current Password again:

Challenge Questions Login Screen

Once you've clicked the "Continue" button, you'll see this End-User Self Service screen. Fill out your Email Address again, choose your questions, and provide answers that you can remember.

Choose Challenge Questions Screen

When you have entered an answer for all four questions, you'll see an "End-User Self Service" success screen and will click the "Try to continue logging in" link, which will begin walking you through a series of optional features that you can choose to set up or choose to skip. You always have the option to add or disable these optional features later using the system's Account Management dashboard.

Challenge question success screen

Question 2:  How do I change my Challenge Questions?

Log into the Titan Sign In Account Management Dashboard and click on Challenge Questions. From there you can either change your challenge answers or clear them all and set up new answers.

Question 3:  Can I use the self-service system to change or reset my password?

Yes — once you've set up your Challenge Questions following the process in Question 2.

To manage your password, you have two options, both of which start by visiting Titan Sign In.   

1. You can simply click the "Reset Password" button and follow the prompts and instructions to set up a new password.

2. The second way is to actually Log In and because you've set up the required Challenge Questions, you will see the Account Management dashboard and can click on the "Change your password now" link near the top of the screen. Again, follow the prompts to complete the process.

Your new password must always satisfy the following rules:
• Must be at least 8 characters long
• Must not contain the < character OR the sequence &#

It must also satisfy any three of the rules below:
• Must have at least 1 lowercase character
• Must have at least 1 uppercase character
• Must have at least 1 numeric character
• Must have at least 1 special character

Question 4:  I’ve forgotten my password or my password has expired. How do I use the Titan Sign In dashboard to reset my password?

If you've set up those required Challenge Questions, you can visit the Titan Sign In system and click the "Forgot Password" button. You'll follow the prompts to see a screen that presents your options, such as correctly answering three of your Challenge Questions. If you also set up an optional alternate email address (a non-college email account) and/or a mobile phone, you can also request a One Time Passcode.

Question 5:  What’s the difference between Reset Password and Forgot Password?

Forgot Password allows you to reset your password after either answering your Challenge Questions or entering a One Time Passcode sent either to your phone or alternate email depending on what options you have enabled.

Reset Password allows you to change your password. You have to know and log in with your current password in order to use the Reset Password feature.

Question 6:  What are One Time Passcodes and how are they sent to me?

One Time Passcodes (OTP) are a temporary numeric code used, in combination with your challenge question responses, to validate your identity.

These One Time Passcodes can be sent to your mobile phone via text message or can be sent to an alternate email address depending on whether you have enabled those optional features and how you have configured them.

The Mobile Authenticator also can be used to receive One Time Passcodes. Using the Mobile Authenticator to receive One Time Passcodes is the preferred method. You can learn more about this option and how to set it up in Question #11 below.

Please note you will be required to enter a One Time Passcode every time you log in when Multi-Factor Login is enabled.

Question 7:  What is the "OTP Delivery Methods" link on the Titan Sign In system's Account Management Dashboard?

The OTP Delivery Methods settings allow you to configure how you would like to receive a One Time Passcode for either resetting your password or logging in to a College application once it's accessed through the new Sign In experience.

Once you've set up the option to receive a passcode via text or your alternate email address, clicking the OTP Delivery Methods link on the dashboard lets you change your preferred delivery method.

Please note you will be required to enter a One Time Passcode every time you log in if Multi-Factor Login is enabled.

Question 8:  How do I add, delete or change my mobile phone?

When first setting up your Challenge Questions, you will be presented with the option for mobile phone enrollment. You can also access this process by logging in to the Titan Sign In Account Dashboard and then clicking the "Registered Phones" link.

The mobile phone enrollment step also allows you to enable Multi-Factor Login, also known as Two-Factor Authentication. See more about that in a later question.

To complete your Mobile Phone enrollment you'll need to enter the One Time Passcode sent to your phone.

Mobile Passcode Entry Screen

To change or add a phone number, sign into your Account Dashboard and click the "Registered Phones" link.

Question 9:  What is an alternate email address and how do I set that up or change it?

An alternate email address is a personal email other than your EFSC employee or student email. You can set this up during the initial login process after you've set up your Challenge Questions or you can log in to the Titan Sign In Account Dashboard and click the "Registered Email Address" link.

You'll see this screen and fill out the three fields and click Continue.

Email set up screen

You will then see a screen asking you to enter the One Time Passcode sent to the alternate email address that you entered.

Email Code Sent Screen

If you see the error screen below when registering your alternate email, it's because you mistakenly entered a College email address that includes the or domain.

Email error screen

To change an alternate email address, simply log in to the Account Dashboard and click the "Registered Email Address" link and then the "Change my email" link and follow the prompts.

Question 10:  What is Multi-Factor Login and how do I set it up?

Multi-Factor Login also called Multi-Factor Authentication or Two-Factor-Authentication is an authentication method that requires you to provide two or more verification factors to log in. You may have set this up with an online banking account that requires your username, password, plus a number code texted to your phone as an added layer of security.

If you enable Multi-Factor Login, when you sign in to an EFSC web application, you will be required to enter your password along with a One Time Passcode (OTP) once a day that would be sent to the mobile phone or alternate email address that you registered in the system.

You can set it up during the initial login process or can sign into the Titan Account Management Dashboard and click the "Enable/Disable Multi-Factor" link.

There are three ways that the Passcode can be delivered:

  • A text to your mobile phone number
  • Via email sent to your personal, alternate email address
  • Sent through a secure app you set up on your mobile phone such as Google Authenticator or PortalGuard (see more about this option in the next question)

You can choose to set up all three options, or just one or two. Depending on how many you have set up, the system will "ask" which delivery option you want to use when you forgot your password.

Remember, you can enable or disable the optional Multi-Factor feature any time through the self-service dashboard.

Question 11:  What is a Mobile Authenticator and how do I set that up?

The Titan Sign In system includes this feature, which once set up can generate One Time Passcodes that can be used to validate your identity for Two-Factor Authentication or when you've forgotten your password. Using Mobile Authenticator to receive One Time Passcodes is the preferred method because of the added layer of security it provides.

You can enable it during the set up process or by logging into your Account Dashboard and then clicking the "Mobile Authenticator" link. The system will ask you to download either the Google Authenticator or PortalGuard Password Reset app from the appropriate application store for your device.

optional mobile authentication screen

One you have installed the App on your device, you'll click continue and be presented with a QR code screen that you will scan with your phone's App and then enter the One Time Passcode sent to your phone.

QR code screen

Once you have entered the code and clicked continue you should see a Mobile Authenticator success screen. You can enable and disable Mobile Authentication any time you wish through your Account Dashboard.

Question 12:  When I try to log in to the Titan Sign In system, I get the error message: “Authentication Failed." What should I do?

This may happen if you entered an incorrect password. If you think you entered the correct password, you may try switching to a different web browser or device to see if the same error occurs. Clearing the browsing data (cookies and cache) is also an option in your browser before trying again. If the password still does not work, you might need to reset your password.

Question 13:  I need additional help logging in or setting up my account, what should I do?

Please contact the EFSC IT Support Desk at 321-433-7600, which is staffed seven days a week from 7 AM to midnight, except on College holidays and break closures.

Question 14:  What is a YubiKey and how do I use it?

YubiKeys are unique hardware tokens that generate a One-Time Password. When coupled with a standard username and password, the YubiKey is a simple to use solution that provides a strong, two-factor authentication.

YubiKey Tokens screen shot with Name and 2nd Factor fields

Clicking the "Add new YubiKey" link displays a prompt for a descriptive name for the YubiKey and a field for a 2nd Factor/ One Time Passcode. After entering a name of your choice, click in the 2nd Factor / One Time Passcode box before touching your yubikey.

Question 15:  When I try to log in it's prompting me for a 2nd Factor/ One Time Passcode using the Mobile Authenticator, but I have not set up the Mobile Authenticator yet. What do I do?

To select a different method, click on the "Problems with this authentication?" option link.

2nd Factor - One Time Passcode alternate methods field