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Collegewide Printing & Graphic Services (CWP&GS) serves the printing needs of EFSC faculty and staff. Our goal is to provide excellent service and quality at consistently competitive prices. We accomplish this by having the very best staff available, an excellent relationship with leading vendors, and most of all, a positive attitude. Over the past 25 years, CWP&GS has evolved with the changing needs of the College. We are no longer just ink on paper. Our wide-ranging capabilities include scanning services, design services, web design and bulk mail services as well as printing.

CWP&GS is responsible for the design, printing, copying and mailing of a variety of college materials. The Printing Team includes copier operators, offset press operators and bindery and bulk mail specialists. Services include high speed copier work, collating, stapling, spiral and perfect binding, folding, three-hole punch, laminating and one, two, three and four color offset printing. Our department also prints banners, yard signs and large posters.

Additionally, the Graphics team provides professional design service to the College. This includes web design, brochures, banners, programs, invitations, posters, the EFSC catalog, EFSC schedule and Student Handbook. The Graphic Designers also work with the web department; many of the images you see on the EFSC web page were designed by our graphics department.

CWP&GS saves in postal fees due to our bulk mail sorting system. Because we utilize software from the U.S. Postal Service to print the bar codes on all bulk mailers, the Post Office can use its automated equipment to sort mail by route and mail carrier. This software also pulls bad addresses from the mailing list, offering a substantial savings to EFSC by virtually eliminating returned mail.

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