The Early College Program at EFSC

Formerly known as Collegiate High School

Application Deadline for 2023-24 Academic Year: May 1, 2023

The Early College Program is a dual enrollment partnership between Eastern Florida State College and Brevard Public Schools. It is designed for public school students whose goal is to graduate from high school with a diploma and a university-transfer Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree. The program is available at all Brevard County Public High Schools, except for West Shore Jr/Sr High School, Edgewood Jr/Sr High School, and Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School.

The A.A. degree at EFSC is comparable to freshman and sophomore years of a university program and requires completion of 60 credit hours, including general education courses and electives.

Early College participants enjoy a substantial financial benefit. By receiving an A.A. degree at the time of high school graduation, students will have completed two years of college with no tuition, textbook, or housing costs. The only potential costs are for consumable workbooks/lab manuals, an Internet access fee of $10 per term, a one-time graduation application fee of $20, and a yearly parking permit.

The Early College Program offers a Three-Year Track for students entering the 10th grade and a Two-Year Track for students entering 11th grade.

Eligibility criteria include an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher and college-ready reading and writing scores on the PERT, ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER. Potential candidates and their families will receive an invitation from their school to attend an Early College Informational Presentation at which time they will learn the next steps to qualify for the program.

Three-Year Track for 10th Graders

Students entering the Three-Year Track are bused to an Eastern Florida campus in the fall and spring terms of 10th grade. Transportation is guaranteed only to 10th graders. Students will spend two periods Monday through Thursday at EFSC, taking two courses each term. The other part of the day is spent at the high school. Once students complete 10th grade, they are expected to enroll in two classes during each of the next two summer terms and three classes in the fall and spring terms of 11th and 12th grade.

Two-Year Track for Rising 11th Graders

Students entering the Two-Year Track enroll in two summer classes after 10th and 11th grades and three college classes in both the fall and spring terms. Most 12th grade students in this track attend Eastern Florida as full-time students through Early Admission to complete degree requirements. Students remain eligible to participate in all senior activities at their high school, including sports, clubs, and graduation events.

Support from the EFSC Academic Advising Team

Eastern Florida’s Academic Advisors play an important role in the Early College Program. They are available to students by email, telephone, Microsoft Teams meetings and in-person meetings by appointment only. Advisors assist students in developing an academic plan and in connecting with valuable college resources, such as free online or in-person tutoring. They also help students with the course registration process and to identify electives based on program prerequisites for their intended university major.

For questions about the Early College Program, contact Lynn Demetriades at or by phone at 321-433-7152 or Donna Binninger at or by phone at 321-433-5155.

Explore Initial Required Steps at Your High School

If you and your parent/guardian received an invitation from your school to learn more about the Early College Program, you have been identified as a potential candidate for this accelerated education opportunity.

Follow your school’s instructions for viewing or attending the Early College Information Presentation. You will learn how your college courses will be scheduled, the additional eligibility criteria for acceptance, the benefits of the program, and the challenges.

You must return the Student Interest Form provided by your school by the deadline to be considered for the program.

Apply to EFSC

Submit the online EFSC Application for Admission. You will need to know your Social Security Number (SSN) and your state unweighted high school GPA. Early College Program students should select the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree as their Program of Study when completing the EFSC online application.

Complete the Required Online Dual Enrollment Orientation

After you receive your EFSC acceptance letter, complete the College's Online Dual Enrollment Orientation.

For access, log into the myEFSC portal. Refer to your acceptance letter for your Student ID and initial password if needed.

Find the EFSC Student Application section. (On the left on a desktop computer).

Click the down arrow on the Application menu; scroll to “Dual Enrollment Student Orientation” and click “Launch.” The system will know when you've completed this requirement.

There is also a separate, mandatory in-person orientation that you must register for and attend after clearing the placement testing requirement. Pre-registration for a Spring 2023 session is required once you've been cleared to proceed with final steps.

Take the Placement Test at Your School or EFSC

You must score college-ready in reading and writing using scores from PERT, ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER for acceptance into the Early College Program and Dual Enrollment.

Your high school may offer the PERT, or you can schedule the PERT placement test through RegisterBlast, EFSC's online test scheduling system.

EFSC offers the ACCUPLACER which is a remote online option, or the PERT which is an on-campus testing option; however, seating is limited.

If you do not score college-ready in reading and/or writing, you may schedule a retest to take place 30 days after the initial testing date.

Turn in Student/Parent Agreement & Complete All Requirements

Sign the Student/Parent Agreement if you decide to participate in the program and return the form (supplied by your school) to your guidance counselor by your high school's deadline.

This includes applying to EFSC, completing the orientation requirements (both online and an in-person group session), testing, any retesting, and submitting the Student/Parent Agreement.

Meet with Your High School Counselor to Complete the EFSC Dual Enrollment Registration Form

Early College Program students may take 2 classes in the summer and up to 3 in the fall and spring. Work with your high school counselor to complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Form.

Submit your completed registration form to EFSC Advising by logging into myEFSC and uploading the document using the Student Document Dropbox.

Check your EFSC student Titan Email for information about the status of your course registration request.

View a guide to the current course registration process.