Early College Credit Option (ECCO)

Purpose and Program Overview

The Early College Credit Option (ECCO) provides qualified high school students currently admitted to Eastern Florida State College through Dual Enrollment the opportunity to:

  1. Retake a dual enrollment course for grade forgiveness on the student’s college record.
    For example, a student whose high school has denied his/her request to retake an EFSC course through dual enrollment may repeat the course for grade forgiveness on his/her college record through ECCO.
  2. Enroll in EFSC courses not available through Dual Enrollment.
    For example, a student wanting to take course considered ineligible for dual enrollment, such as a one credit Service Learning Field Studies course or Applied Music course, may do so using ECCO.
  3. Register for additional EFSC courses beyond the number permitted through Dual Enrollment.
    For example, a student who wants to register for one or two more EFSC courses beyond the three allowed through dual enrollment could do so using ECCO.

Credits earned using the Early College Credit Option will count toward the student’s associate degree or college credit certificate and the grade will be posted on the student’s college transcript. The credits will NOT count toward high school graduation and the grade earned in the course will not be posted on the student’s high school transcript.

Because the student is not earning credit toward high school graduation (dual credit), the student is not considered dual enrolled in a course taken through ECCO. The Brevard County School Board does not pay the tuition cost or provide the required textbook for the course. This is the public school student’s responsibility. Private school and home school students are also responsible for tuition costs and obtaining textbooks for courses taken through ECCO.

Eligibility Criteria

Students must meet the following requirements to enroll in a course through the Early College Credit Option (ECCO):

  1. Be in grades 10, 11 or 12
  2. Attend a public school, private school that has an articulation agreement with EFSC or home school program that is in compliance with FS 1007.271(13)
  3. Have  college-ready ACT, SAT, PERT or ACCUPLACER Reading and Writing scores on files at EFSC, or have qualified for dual enrollment prior to Spring 2021 using alternative measures.
Student Costs

Public, private, and home school students taking a class through the Early College Credit Option (ECCO) are responsible for the
following costs:

  1. All tuition and fees charged to regularly enrolled (non-dual enrollment) EFSC students 
  2. Instructional materials
Registration Process

Student Registration Procedure: Students taking a course(s) through the Early College Credit Option must download and complete the ECCO Registration Form and submit it via the student dropbox. Students may register for classes using ECCO during fall, spring and summer terms.

Students using the ECCO option may register for any Eastern Florida college credit course for which they are qualified so long as the course is creditable toward an associate degree or college credit certificate and is not part of a limited access program or otherwise prohibited by Florida statute or EFSC. Developmental courses may not be taken through ECCO.