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Student loan programs offer long-term, low-interest educational loans that must be repaid after students graduate or cease to be enrolled at least half-time. Based on a student’s financial need, EFSC’s aid package may include the offer of both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Before borrowing it’s important to carefully assess how much money is really needed so a student avoids graduating with too much debt to repay.

IMPORTANT: Students must be registered in a minimum of 6 hours required for their program before loans will disburse. Please view the Aid Disbursement Process for more details.

Loan Options & Information

Direct Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan (DFSL)

  • Long-term need-based loan, with variable interest rate.
  • Possible fee deferment up to 60 days if no chargeable awards.
  • Repayment starts six months after graduation, withdrawal, or less than half time enrollment. Further information about Repayment and deferment will be provided to the student during loan orientation and exit interview.
  • Loan limits: 1st year in program: $3,500 per academic year. 2nd year in program: $4,500 per academic year.
    Aggregate total: $23,000

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Request (DUSL)

Unsubsidized funds will be used to meet the remaining amount of need not to exceed the maximum federal allowance ($6,000 for independent students and $2,000 for dependent students).

Borrower is responsible for paying the interest during the in-school, grace, and deferment periods. Principal repayment starts six months after the borrower ceases enrollment on at least a half time basis. The interest repayment starts at the time of disbursement. Further information about repayment and deferment will be provided to students during the Entrance Interview loan orientation and Exit Interview Counseling.

Independent students' annual and aggregate loan limits are increased to include the FSL limits plus up to $4,000 (annual limit) and $23,000 (aggregate limit) on the DFSL.

Federal Direct Parent Loans to Undergraduate Students (DPLUS)

Direct PLUS Loans are unsubsidized loans available to parents of dependent students to help pay for educational expenses up to the cost of attendance minus all other financial assistance. Interest is charged during all periods, with interest rates capped at 9%.

Complete the loan application at the Federal Student Aid website. Parents completing a PLUS Master Promissory Note or Direct PLUS Loan Request must use their own PIN number, and not their child's PIN number. An insurance premium of 1% of the loan principal as well as a 3% origination fee will be deducted from the loan proceeds prior to disbursement. Keep lender informed of any change in permanent address, change of name, or change of enrollment status.

Principal repayment start date is the disbursement date. Interest repayment begins at the time of disbursement. Annual amounts are limited to the cost of attendance minus other estimated financial assistance.

For more information on this parent loan visit the Federal Aid website or call toll-free 1-800-557-7394.

Private Loans

These loans are considered an alternative/optional loan and can vary in terms, conditions and eligibility requirements. It is recommended that Federal Aid be exhausted before a private loan is considered. Students need to apply directly to the lender for private loans.

Loan Servicing


Aid and Scholarship Contacts

Phone: 321-433-7339

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Ralph M. Williams Student Center,
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Palm Bay:
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Aid Application Priority Deadlines
July 21, 2022: For Fall 2022
Nov. 28, 2022: For Spring 2023
April 20, 2023: For Summer 2023

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