Meeting Aid Minimum Standards

Federal and state regulations require that students must meet minimum standards in order to be eligible to receive financial aid funds. The minimum standards at Eastern Florida State College are defined below and are applied uniformly to all Title IV financial aid programs administered by the College, except those programs whose eligibility requirements are restricted to institutional funds or outside donor restrictions:

1. Students must meet an academic performance requirement of at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

2. Students must make progress toward their degree or certificate. Minimum progress toward a degree requires initial year financial aid applicants who have previously attended the college to have successfully completed 67% of credit hours attempted at the college.

3. Minimum progress toward a degree or certificate requires continuing financial aid recipients to earn 67% of credit hours attempted during the current academic year for renewal eligibility.

4. Students must complete their educational objective within a given time frame:

a. All A.A. and A.S. degree or certificate seeking students have a maximum of 90 attempted credit hours.

b. All accepted Bachelor's degree seeking students have a maximum of 180 attempted credit hours.

c. All CTC degree seeking students are funded for program length only.

All transfer credits will be included as attempted credit hours as well as all Eastern Florida State College attempted coursework regardless of whether the courses are applicable toward the student’s degree. Financial Aid may not have paid for these classes, however they are still included in your total attempted hours.


• A student who did not complete any credit hours in a term and has incomplete grades in that term has 20 school days from the first day of classes of the following term to make up incomplete grades (10 days for Summer Term) in order to continue receiving funds. Reinstatement of awards are contingent on a funds-available basis and it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office within the time frame provided.

• Withdrawals from any course(s) will be counted in the total hours attempted and may result in failure to meet the Standards of Progress. Students must follow the official withdrawal procedures established by the College.

• Funding for remedial coursework will be limited to 30 credits.

• Grades of 'N' for remedial coursework will be counted in the total hours attempted and do not count as progress.

• Course repeats will always be counted in the total attempted credits, but the GPA configuration will only consider the final attempt in the cumulative GPA.

• Financial aid may not cover courses that a student attempts for the third time or more if the student received financial aid for the previous attempts.


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