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Evaluation Practices for Credits from Regionally Accredited Institutions

Required Documentation
Final, official college transcript. All coursework must be completed and graded.

Evaluation Practices
EFSC will transfer college credits earned at institutions accredited by one of the six regionally accrediting associations as follows:

  • Transfer credits are given the grade of TA, TB and TC and are not calculated into the EFSC cumulative GPA.
  • Only courses with grades of A, B, or C will transfer. Grades of S, P, withdrawals, incomplete and audit grades will not transfer.
  • EFSC will transfer in up to 75% of the credits applicable to the student’s chosen major. Only freshman and sophomore (1000-2000) level courses will transfer automatically.
    • For AA majors, all applicable general education courses and up to 24 elective credits will transfer
    • College preparatory courses, vocational courses, withdrawals and audit courses will not transfer.
  • In some cases the college may award credit for an upper level course to facilitate student degree completion, but generally, upper division (3000-4000 level) courses will not transfer. A Petition for Transfer Credit Evaluation form along with supporting documents can be submitted on a course-by-course basis for upper division courses. Only courses suitable for specific program requirements may be petitioned.
  • To ensure accuracy of records for students that have attended multiple institutions, transfer credits will only be awarded if student provides transcript directly from each institution.
  • Colleges on quarter hours will be reviewed as an EFSC equivalent if the transfer credit hours are four quarter hours or higher. All other classes will be transferred as electives. The following quarter hour to semester hour conversion will apply:
    • 2 quarter hours = 1.3 semester hours
    • 3 quarter hours = 2.0 semester hours
    • 4 quarter hours = 2.6 semester hours
    • 5 quarter hours = 3.3 semester hours  

To appeal a course evaluation, the student must do one of the following:

  • Complete and submit a Petition for Transfer Credit Evaluation along with a detailed course description and the course syllabus that was in effect at the time the course was taken at the previous institution. This must be provided to the Registrar’s office.


  • Pursue a course substitution at the EFSC campus of attendance. Student must complete a Petition for Course Substitution or Waiver form, attach a copy of the EFSC transcript and course description, and provide this material to the appropriate department chairperson. Upon approval, the form will be submitted through the appropriate channels to the Office of the Registrar.