How to Apply for Graduation

To receive your Eastern Florida State College diploma, you must apply for graduation, whether or not you plan to attend the commencement ceremony. Applying online is the easiest, fastest option. Be sure to review the dates and deadlines in the tabbed box on this page as the application opens for each term on a certain date.

Follow these easy steps to apply:

1. Ensure that you have met all admissions requirements: Submitting all transcripts is an admissions requirement. While students have a one-term grace period if they are not receiving financial aid, they cannot progress without meeting this admissions requirement. Therefore, students cannot graduate without submitting all transcripts from other institutions they have attended.

    • We will accept a transcript with courses in progress as official for graduation purposes if you are graduating with an associate's degree or lower and the courses are upper level, i.e. we will not transfer them in because they are not applicable to your degree.
    • We will waive the requirement for an official transcript for graduation purposes if you can provide proof that you have only taken upper level courses at the other institution(s) and you are graduating with an associate's degree or lower.

If you have not been in attendance at EFSC for one or more years and do not plan to continue after graduation at EFSC, you will not need to readmit. However, if you wish to take courses after your graduation term and have not been in attendance for one or more years, you must follow the requirements for admission to be reactivated as a student.

2. Apply online! Applying for graduation online when the system is open for the term during which you intend to graduate — and paying online is quick and easy. 

  • Log in to myEFSC, then click on the Titan Web icon and under Student Services → Student Records, click on "Apply to Graduate"
  • Be sure to read the important information on each page of the online application before completing.
  • After completing the application, you will receive a confirmation page. Please read this for important information about what happens after applying and ceremony assignment. 
  • Your graduation fee(s) will be assessed within 24 hours. Once the fee is assessed, make payment via your EFSC account. EFSC will not release documents to students who have outstanding financial obligations. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: The online graduation application is closed beginning the week of graduation each term. Starting on this date, all graduation applications must be in the Graduation Application PDF format and completed forms must be submitted via the Student Dropbox. All fees will be assessed within 1 to 2 business days and must be paid prior to any documents being processed and/or released.

For assistance with the online process, view the Online Graduation Application Tutorial.


If you do not apply online, download and complete an Intent to Graduate application form for each degree and certificate you plan to receive. Review your degree status using the myGPS Degree Audit worksheet or work with an advisor to ensure you are on track for graduation. If you use the Graduation PDF applications they must be submitted via the Student Dropbox. All fees will be assessed within 1 to 2 business days and must be paid prior to any documents being processed and/or released. Please note, students are strongly encouraged to apply by the posted deadline and via the online process. Applying online ensures an accurate and timely application process.

3. You will be assessed an additional $20 late fee if you apply to graduate after the deadline, and there is no guarantee your name will appear in the Commencement Booklet or you will receive a status email.

When your application is received by the deadline, the Office of the Registrar will review your record:

1. You will be sent a notification of receipt to your Office 365 student email account.

2. An official audit of your degree progress will be completed and a status letter will be emailed to your Office 365 student email account.

3. Please read the email carefully. If you have any outstanding documents, or missing requirements, they must be satisfied by the end of the term or you may not be able to graduate.

4. Check your EFSC email frequently for important information. 

Fall 2022 Candidates for graduation must follow the steps to apply to graduate. Applying online is easiest: view the tutorial for how-to instructions.

  • Mon., August 15, 2022: Online Graduation System Opens
  • Thurs., September 22, 2022: Graduation Applications Due - Last day to indicate "Yes" to attend ceremony & be eligible for guest tickets, to have name in program & to avoid late fee.
  • Fri., September 23, 2022: $20 Late Fee begins for all graduation applications
  • Sun., December 11, 2022, 11:59 PM: Online Graduation Application System Closes
  • Mon., December 12, 2022: Starting on this date, all applications to graduate must be the completed Graduation Application PDF format submitted via the Student Dropbox. All fees will be assessed to your student account within 1 to 2 business days and must be paid prior to any documents being processed and/or released. documents being processed and/or released.
  • Please note: Graduation & Late fees are nonrefundable.

Commencement: Thurs., December 15, 2022 - 11 AM and 2 PM

Please Note: The online graduation application system for the Spring 2023 Term will open on January 3, 2023. Please wait until after this date to apply to graduate for Spring Term 2023.

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Have You Checked Your Address?


Make sure your current address is on file! The post office will not forward EFSC mail, including diplomas & transcripts.