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Experience that sets you apart

Exploring a future career through an internship or volunteer position may be just the edge you need to set you apart from the average job seeker. Each opportunity is a way to "experience the experience," add clout to your résumé and a chance to learn how to interact effectively in employment situations.


This is one of the most effective and widely recognized methods for students to obtain hands-on work experience in a professional setting.

EFSC provides students this Internship opportunity through credit-earning educational settings during the fall, spring and summer semesters. The goal is to reinforce the students’ learning experience as it relates to their major course of study. Many vocational and technical programs also offer such opportunities.

Students interested in an internship can visit the Career Center's Internships web section and contact any Career Center for further information. Internships opportunities also can be viewed on College Central Network Services.


Lacking practical job experience? Volunteering is a great option for gaining experience and may be used on a résumé as work experience. Numerous agencies across the county are actively seeking volunteers.

Lists are available in the Career Centers, or research options through the Internet. Students seeking college credit through volunteering should contact EFSC’s Center for Service Learning.

Career Center Locations

EFSC/UCF Library

Building 12, Room 307