Building Strong Families: Lab School is becoming Launch Learning Preschool

Eastern Florida State College is pleased to announce a milestone for the EFSC Lab School program that will ensure its continued service to our community. Lab School has become Launch Learning, a new non-profit organization that began its inaugural preschool year in January 2023.

Launch Learning Preschool is based on the same guiding principles of Lab School, with its emphasis on play-based learning, social and emotional development, parent education, and community involvement. Construction is completed on a permanent location on Merritt Island, with plans to expand throughout Brevard County.

This welcome transition follows three years of working closely with individuals and educators who are deeply committed to the Lab School mission. The change allows it to become a self-sustaining registered 501(c)(3) organization, facilitating tax-deductible contributions and opportunities to get involved as a volunteer, donor, or participating family.

Thank you to all the Lab School families who took part in our online classes this spring and during all the years the BCC and then EFSC Lab School served local families. We hope that many of you join Launch Learning Preschool as registration is open now for Launch Learning's infant, toddler and preschool programs.

EFSC Lab School is very proud of the legacy of our "hands-on" educational programs for families and our unique parent cooperative program. When families play and learn together, it builds strong family foundations and lifelong friendships as adults foster skills to be the best parents they can for their children, their community, and themselves. We are excited that legacy will continue through Launch Learning.

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Coordinator, Launch Learning

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