Kaltura MediaSpace & Lecture Capture

LogoWith Kaltura MediaSpace users can upload video, audio and image files. The integrated Kaltura Capture feature enables users to record webcam video, audio and/or the screen. In Canvas, MediaSpace can be found as two new tabs: My Media and Media Gallery. The content can also be accessed through the myEFSC Portal.

Kaltura in Canvas

Upload video, audio and image files in Canvas. Embed the material into your Canvas content and/or publish to the Media Gallery. The My Media and Media Gallery tabs are also available to your students if the tabs are visible to you in the course menu. Students can use the My Media tab to upload any videos or images that you might want them to add to their assignment submissions. See the user guide below to learn how to use the Kaltura media system in your courses.

Kaltura MediaSpace in Canvas - User Guide


You can record video using a webcam and/or audio as well as your screen by using the Kaltura Capture recorder. The tool is accessible from the My Media tab in your Canvas courses. The recorder can quickly be installed on a PC or Mac. During a screen recording you will be able to use annotation tools to emphasize areas seen on your screen. The annotations will appear in the uploaded recording. Use the resources below to learn how to use the Kaltura recorder.

Video Quizzes
Kaltura in myEFSC

Kaltura IconYou can also access the media system by logging into myEFSC and click on the 'Videos & Media' icon. You will be able to browse existing videos as well as upload and edit your own videos.

Add Captions - Edit Captions (Kaltura, YouTube)

How to add/edit captions for videos uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace and/or to your YouTube channel


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