Proctoring Tools

Exams can be locked down and/or test taking sessions can be recorded by using the online tool known as Honorlock, which locks down tests in Canvas as well as on third-party sites and/or record test taking sessions (free for students).

Please Note: EFSC has limited availability in select EFSC Computer Labs for EFSC students to take online proctored exams if the student lacks the required equipment . Visit the proctored exam page for more information, including locations, hours and access details.

Honorlock logoExam sessions are recorded and instructors can view the results on the Honorlock page in Canvas Courses. Students have to use the Google Chrome browser and install the Honorlock extension (download link will appear after linking a Canvas quiz to Honorlock or when students click the Honorlock tab in a course). Students do not pay a fee for Honorlock. 

The tool offers the following features:
Search and Destroy - Honorlock secures your test questions by automatically removing them from online sources.
Multi Device Detection - detects mobile devices searching for answers online.
Voice Detection - Artificial Intelligence is listening for keywords and adds alerts in the proctoring results.

  • Use Honorlock with Canvas Quizzes:
    • Written guide Using Honorlock in Canvas.
      • Some students might need to use a public area to take an exam. Consider asking your students to contact you if they need to take a proctored exam in a more public setting (with other people around them). You will be able to check a setting in Honorlock (Student Guidelines > Take Exam in Public Area) to note this accommodation. Honorlock might be flagging background conversations when students take an exam with other people in their environment. You will be able to view the exam session recording to verify that the student did not interact with people around them.

    • Video tutorial How to use Honorlock.
    • Using Honorlock with third-party exams (MyLab, LaunchPad, MindTap, Connect etc.)
  • After the Exam - View Results:
  • Honorlock Support:
    • Check to find out if there is a system-wide problem with Honorlock by checking their status page.
    • Click the chat icon at the bottom right of the Honorlock page (course menu tab) if you have any problems.
    • Visit Honorlock Support for 24/7/365 support, to test your system and troubleshoot problems. You can find answers to common problems by exploring the searchable knowledge base
  • Find additional information in the myCETL course in the On-Demand module.

Student information - information for students concerning Honorlock can be found in the Canvas Student Resources course (help icon in Canvas).