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Turnitin is an online tool available to EFSC instructors as an integrated service available in all EFSC Canvas classrooms. The OriginalityCheck detects and prevents plagiarism by checking submitted student papers. Grademark enables instructors to provide rich feedback as well as online grading directly on the student's paper. PeerMark enables students to evaluate each others' work.
In Canvas you can create an assignment by using the external tool option (under the submission type setting select 'External Tool' instead of 'Online') to integrate all Turnitin features. This option will allow you to enter a grade in GradeMark which will transfer to the Canvas gradebook as well.

For more information on Turnitin features, visit the Turnitin website.

Turnitin Resources for Instructors:

  • Create a Turnitin drop-box (all features integrated) - How-to instructions.    
  • Create a Turnitin-enabled Canvas assignment (Originality Report only) - How-to-instructions.
  • Need to access your Canvas drop-boxes outside of Canvas or do you need to check an individual student paper? How-to instructions.
Instructor Resources on the Turnitin Website
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Turnitin Resources for Your Students:

Student How-to Resources on the Turnitin Website