EFSC classes normally held in Building 20 on the Cocoa Campus are canceled tonight because of an A/C issue. This only impacts classes held in this one Cocoa Health Sciences building, home to EFSC's dental programs.

Eastern Florida Online Gives You:

  • The same quality instruction and service found on any of our campuses in an online, eLearning format
  • A shared vision, mission, goals, objectives and competencies as all EFSC classes
  • Full service access to learning resources and program advisement
  • Personal attention and confidential discussion with dedicated faculty
  • A diverse, technology rich learning environment.
  • Flexible scheduling: online courses offered during five terms per year
  • Collaborative and cooperative learning with computer/online access and skill enhancement
  • Access to campus-based and online student services and learning support
  • Protection and confidentiality for student records
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Bachelor Degrees

Associate in Arts Degree (A.A. Degree)

This is the general degree that prepares students to transfer to upper division colleges and universities. The concept is called "2+2" — two years at EFSC and two years at a university for a Bachelor's degree. Over 100 online courses are offered each semester to help meet A.A. degree requirements.

*If students require developmental courses, students may have to complete some courses in an on-campus setting.

Associate in Science Degrees (A.S. Degree)

A.S. degrees prepare students for a career after two years of college. They also can allow students to move on to a Bachelor of Applied Science program at EFSC.

*If students require developmental courses, students may have to complete some courses in an on-campus setting.

Advanced Technical Certificates (A.T.C.)

Advanced Technical Certificates are designed for individuals who have already completed a specific required degree (at least an associate degree) and are seeking advanced, specialized preparation in a particular career field to supplement their degree.


Course Descriptions & Details


Use the buttons below to view the current list of courses open for registration, which includes "clickable" descriptions for each class, plus other information such as the instructor's name. You can also use the main Class Schedule Search tool to sort courses by subject, instructor and part of term.

Trouble Finding an Online Course?

If you can't find a course online at EFSC, it may be available at another Florida institution. Click below to search a statewide online course catalog sponsored by FloridaShines (the online student hub of the Florida Virtual Campus).

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